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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight breaking news in the district. police shoot a man thought to be
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taking aim with a gun at multiple houses. now officers are going door to door looking for possible victims. the shooting happened near the prince george's county line. that is where jackie bensen is live with the latest. >> reporter: this shooting scene goes on for three long blocks behind me. here's what we know. about 7:00 tonight d.c. police started receiving numerous 911 calls for a man shooting at houses on clay terrace and 911 calls for a man high on pcp shooting a gun. d.c. police officers were not far away. they saw the man with the gun still shooting at houses. >> during the course of officers arriving on the scene, the gunman continued to fire. officers gave commands for the gunman to drop the gun. he did not. the officers fired their weapons at the suspect and he went down. they immediately went to where
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the suspect was and began to administer cpr. he was in bad shape. >> reporter: the man was taken to a local hospital but he is severely injured. d.c. police are going door to door in that three-block area trying to find out if there is a situation where someone inside a house was struck by a bullet and not able to call for help. officers will be here all night. back to owe. >> thank you, jackie. in washington state tonight police used flash bang grenades. they're trying to disperse protesters who trying to block the entrance to the port of seattle. a lot of people were arrested. it is part of an effort to disrupt port traffic on the west coast. occupy seattle people report that police used pepper spray in addition to the grenades.
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security will be tight tomorrow. jerry sandusky will go to court for the first time. he is said to be dreading what is ahead. he will be surrounded by family and friends while a number of young men detail the horrific abuses that allegedly took place. >> reporter: it's likely to be a dramatic confrontation in just a few hours. jerry sandusky will face the eight men who originally accused him of molesting them. this is a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to move forward. prosecutors prom the testimonies will be explosives. for the first time jerry sandusky will hear exactly what his accusers have told prosecutors. he is charged with sex crimes against ten boys over a span of 15 years. taking the stand tuesday morning, the eight original young victims. >> young men who are resolute and who are going to come forward and tell a united story
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because the stories just are so strikingly similar over such a long period of time. >> reporter: they are expected to talk about meeting sandusky through the second mile youth program and what happened at sandusky's hand. the judge will decide just how much latitude they will get in questioning the accusers. they are charged of co lewding. >> when you are being told by people in some cases involving at least one of the accusers that's all the accuser and their family are talking about what they are doing with the money. >> the idea they are coming forward with a financial incentive is ridiculous. >> reporter: also to take the stand mike mcqueary who said he saw sandusky raping a boy in the showers in 2002. but first reports of
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inconsistentsies and nbc news confirmed a family friend says that mcqueary didn't see the assault but heard sex sounds in the shower and saw nothing. one of the other big questions will jerry sandusky testify tomorrow? they haven't decided. reporters can live tweet from the courtroom tomorrow morning. the hearing starts at 8:30. a two-alarm fire eevacuated a high-rise apartment building in alexandria this evening. someone was grilling on their balcony when the flames flared up. the sprinkler system caused water damage to two apartments. no one was injured. a deadly shooting in reston, virginia this afternoon. it's not clear what led to it. a man was killed in an apartment complex just after 4:00 this afternoon. that's just a couple of blocks
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from lake anne in that town. investigators are looking for three men who were seen leaving the area after the shooting. neighbors tell news4 that apartment complex has seen a recent problem with drug activity. four nights later and the motive behind a deadly shooting on the campus of virginia tech is a mystery to police. deriek crouse was killed in that shooting on thursday. the gunman, 22-year-old ross ashley later killed himself. a real estate manager says the day before the shooting ashley walked into her office and pulled a gun and stole her suv. police don't know why he did that either. he was a part-time college student at radford with no known connections to virginia tech. ashley's family is offering their condolences and prayers to officer deriek crouse's family. he was remembered as a man you couldn't help but love.
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julie carey reports. >> reporter: with virginia tech police on one side and army buddies on the other his widow, son and four stepsons watched tearfully but all around them were hundreds of officers there to show support. >> just to show our support from all the difficult agencies and how close we are as a family in law enforcement. . i mean it hurts for all of us. >> reporter: in the parking lot outside the coliseum is the spot where he was ambushed last week. a student from radford later turned the weapon on himself. crouse's flag-draped coffin was at the center of a crowd of thousands. there was celebration in the midst of the sadness. he was remembered as a loving father. >> i am proud to say i knew
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deriek crouse and that he was my friend. he will truly be missed and never forgotten. we love you and thank you for your sacrifice. >> reporter: while it brought back memories of the shooting rampage the students stand together. >> they sacrifice to keep us safe. it's the least we can do. >> reporter: in a moving tribute, the parking lot where crouse died came alive with flashing squad car lights a officers rolled out to give the family an escort to the cemetery. the support will continue beyond this day. a memorial fund has been set up for his widow and her five children and is it growing. julie carey, news4. in central virginia, the earth moved again today. two aftershocks shook mineral virginia. the first was a magnitude 2.1 that hit at 1:45 this morning.
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the second a magnitude of 2.0 just before 5:00 this evening. mineral was the epicenter of the 5.8 earthquake back in august. those aftershocks are the latest of dozens of others since that big quake back in august. that was strong enough to virtually destroy the local high school and caused damage to the washington moniment and the national cathedral. outside the the presidents are dropping fast. much of the area is in the 20s. how low will it go? >> not quite as low as last night. many areas in the mid- to upper-teens. frederick at 16. manassas at 19. right now at 23 degrees. but that is up two degrees from last hour. manassas at 25. washington currently at 37
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degrees. closer to the water you notice the bay, 36 in annapolis. but the cold spots are on the cold side. it is going to be a very cold start to your day on tuesday. i'll show you what to expect the rest of the workweek and let you know when the best chance for rain is as well. police in college park, maryland are hoping this video will help them find three men suspected in a robbery at the university of maryland. the men robbed someone yesterday and used the victim's credit card in a nearby store. anyone with information is asked to contact the police. hnchts there is a bill in the maryland legislature that will toughen penalties for those who take part in flash mob robberies. once happened last month at a 7-eleven in silver spring. police say the teens seen in surveillance video stole snacks and beverages.
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the legislation would hold each participant responsible for the total value of all the merchandise taken. >> if the clerk would have had a gun and defended the property and no guarantee that one of the other kids would have had a gun or a knife. >> reporter: jeff wallstriker is proposing the bill. the politically charged issues of health care and immigration will be on the supreme court docket ahead of the elections next year. the high court agreed to take up arizona's immigration law. the justices also will decide the issue of whether the federal government or individual states are responsible for immigration enforcement. the court already had scheduled arguments on the constitutionality of the obama health care overhaul. rulings in both cases are expected to come as the 2012
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presidential race moves into high gear. pope benedict plans to visit mexico and cuba before easter. the late john paul ii made trips to cuba and mexico. benedict visited washington as part of his first visit to the u.s. in 2008. coming up tonight, prosecutors are taking an extended look, a hard look at a brawl between two basketball teams. it's one of the president's favorite lunch spots in the area but someone else came knocking last week. why millions of americans are upset with the lowe's company. more than 3 million gallons [ female announcer ] at,
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contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. a prosecutor in ohio is considering criminal charges for a group of college basketball players involved in a brawl during a game on saturday in the final seconds of the cincinnati-xavier game. it included a cincy player punching an xavier player in the face. eight players have been suspended from school as the investigation begins. one of president obama's favorite eateries were hit by armed robbers in roslyn last week. this video shows the president having lunch at ray's hell
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burger. the restaurant is notorious for not paying credit cards. 3.5 million million gallons of raw sewage spilled into a creek in maryland today. the officials had to shut down the treatment plant and the road for several hours. residents should avoid contact with carole creek and drinking water is not affected and is safe to drink. lowe's home improvement stores may have to rebuild relationships with customers after an advertising decision. several kbro up thes are threatening a boycott because the company pulled ads from "all american muslims." lowe's says it got complaints about the show. one group called it propaganda and a danger to american values.
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the company is apologizing for upsetting people but isn't reinstating advertising. businessman and activist russell simmons stepped in to buy the ad space that loe's pulled out. so it is really quite cold out there tonight. it is kind of a shock after so much warm weather for a while there. >> and you know me. i don't like to wear coats very often. it's time. it's time to wear the coats. i tried to walk out of the house earlier but is it cold outside and will stay that way. in the 20s in most locations. the exception the airport and the places along the bay. this is a nice shot. holiday lights. we are doing them on news4. we will be in someone's front yard tomorrow. but this is macarthur boulevard. this is gerald and barbara lang.
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>> right at the corner there. >> they walked up and they said by the way, i happen to be friends with jim vance. the high was 46 and the low was 29. we were very cold this morning. most of you woke up to temperatures in the teens. we won't get quite that cold but almost. 3.34 inches of rain so far this month. the monthly average is 3.05 inches. look at the temperature around the region. the temperatures will dip down. 37 at the airport. 31 is the dew point and the wind is calm. as for the temperatures in the region, 23 in frederick, 25 right now in manassas and fredericksburg at 32 degrees. no rain to talk about. we're not going to see rain for the couple days. we did see cloud cover that made
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its way in earlier during the day today. but those clouds are out of here and that will allow things to cool down. what else will it allow? it will allow for a lot of sunshine during the day tomorrow. the high pressure providing us with that very cool air. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be up a little bit from where they were during the day today. but as that high pressure slides down to the south more mild air comes in during the day on wednesday. the temperatures in the low to mid-50s. a warm front moves in. more cloud cover on wednesday and then a chance for shower activity late in the day on thursday as the frontal boundly moves into the area. that could give us showers but most of us will stay on the dry side but the temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s before cooling off. bundle up. 22 to 33 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow amp mostly sunny a nice afternoon but a chilly breeze. 46 to about 51. the next couple days, 53 on
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wednesday, 57 on thursday. and it does look like we cool back down as we head into the weekend. the temperatures in the middle 40s saturday and sunday but not too bad. >> coatless again when it gets in the 50s. >> i'll do that. >> thank you, doug. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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if you want to look on the bright side the most apt word is competitive? >> yeah. we keep saying that but the
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genius is out in vegas and they are geniuses said it would be an eight point game but it was a seven point game. with three games to go, it is now officially another losing season. the redskins aren't throwing in the towel but it is going down. it was haff day on defense specifically for deangelo hall. on this play he thought he thought gradkowski was down. he thought he was out of bounds. but mike shanahan called the play embarrassing and then a defensive holding penalty and proceeded to pick up the flag and give it a toss. 20 yards in penalties in one play. not something that the coach likes to see from a captain. >> a guy in a leadership role
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you have to keep your cool regardless if you like a call or don't like a call. that's your job to handle yourself in a professional manner and not put your team in the hole with a 15-yard penalty. those are things that i talk about with our football team. and if you make too many of those mistakes eventually you're not with us. sydney crosby out again with concussion-like symptoms. he had 12 points in eight games this season. mike green is meeting with a specialist. he has missed 20 games with a groin injury. the caps getting used to playing without him and seem to be turning the corner specifically on the power play where they scored four times in their most recent win over toronto. >> just the way we are moving it around. the guys are sharing the puck and making easy plays and not
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trying to force things. that just comes with being more comfortable with the new way that we're doing. up when you start to score goals you can relax. >> any power play i think we had 13 shots in six or seven minutes of power play time. any power play when it is successful always has shots, shots, more shots. you get more looks at the net. we did some things right but got luck too. >> they're not dead yet. the caps and the flyers looking for their third win in a row. back to the nhl in nashville there was not a normal halftime show involving a beardless santa and a cheerleader. santa got down on his knee and proposed. it was his cheerleader girlfriend. the man on his knee is ben graham who plays for the nats single league minor team. she of course said yes.
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graham, a relief pitcher with a good season and maybe he's going to be moving on up. before he was most famous for being braist harper's teammate. a relief pitcher relieved she said yes. >> can you
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i'd like to say hi to my aunt marilyn. happy holidays and love you and hope to see you soon. drivers in parts of northern virginia will soon face two toll hikes. beginning january 1st, tolls on the dulles toll road will increase 55 cents one way. a round trip will cost $1.10 more. on the greenway also will go up 30 cents. that money will be used to maintain the highways find the metro rail to dulles airport. that means drivers will likely see more toll increases in the years to come. michelle obama continued an annual tradition this afternoon visiting the children's center in northwest washington. after visiting with the patients she read the holiday book 'twas
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the night before christmas. i know that was a good time. the next couple days looking good with a lot of sunshine out there. i don't think you will need the umbrella until thursday. a high temperature of 57. any showers would be a 40% chance and would be late in the afternoon. the best chance of rain is friday night into early saturday. that will cool things down as we head into the weekend. a high of 45 on saturday but talking about mid december right now. >> umbrella, no, coat yes. >> it's beginning
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